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Development body approves budget

 CHITRAL, June 16: The Integrated Chitral Development Programme (ICDP) at its meeting attended by representatives of Union Council Chitral 1, Chitral 2 and Denin selected seven new members of the board of directors. The agenda of the meeting was to share with the general body members of ICDP last year performance, audit report and approval of future programs. Chairman ICDP Mr. Atiqur Rehman addressed the general body members and later the audit report was shared and budget was approved. They included Sher Agha, Rehmat Ghafoor Baig, Ahmad Sayeed, Amanullah, Mehtab Hussain and two females. The total strength of the board of directors is 19. Former board of directors in the board included Mr Hakeem, Muneer Ahmad, Mir Ibad, Iftikhar, Maulana Ashrafuddin, Nasir Ahmad, Javeed Iqbal and five females. The newly-elected board of directors through vote selected Sher Agha as a new chairman ICDP Chitral. Mr. Sher Aga assured the meeting that he will do his best in order to serve the communities and will be up to their expectations together with the Board.—Bashir Hussain]]>

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