Kalash come out in favour of police

CHITRAL, May 31: The Kalash elites from Bubmburate, Birir and Rumbur valleys have appreciated the role of Chitral police in maintaining peace in the valleys during the recently concluded chilim jush festival. Addressing a press conference here, Saifullah Jan Kalash, Wazir Kalash, Malik Shai and others denied the charge leveled by former tehsil nazim of Mastuj, Sikandarul Mulk that the  police had transgressed its powers and meddled in the internal affairs of the community. They criticized Sikandarul Mulk for his attempt to pitch the local police and Kalash community against each other to achieve his ulterior motives and said the Kalash people were capable to manage their affairs by themselves and they did not need any advocacy from outside. The Kalash elites said tourism was flourishing in the valleys which was evident from the growing number of tourists into the valleys and the allegation of the former tehsil nazim was totally false. The former nazim had alleged that the police were destroying the tourism industry of the area. They demanded of the chief minister, I.G. police and the ministers of tourism and minorities to discourage the elements who wanted to cash the name of Kalash people for their personal gains.–Zahiruddin]]>

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