Striking employees threaten self-immolation

CHITRAL, May 26: The hunger strike by employees of Tehsil Municipal Administration Chitral entered its fourth day on Saturday. They are protesting against non-payment of their salaries for the last 18 months. The hunger strike camp has been established in the Secretariat Road where they are braving the intermittent rains under the open sky. Talking to the local media, they said their family members were facing starvation as they had nothing to feed them in the absence of salaries. They complained that the shopkeepers no more gave them commodities of daily use on credit. They warned the government that if their salaries were not paid, they would set themselves on fire. The chairman of Human Rights Program Chitral, Niaz A. Niazi Advocate, visited the hunger strike camp on Saturday and condemned the apathetic attitude of the government towards the servants.—Zahiruddin  ]]>

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