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CIADP's role in development of Oveer praised

CHITRAL, May 26: The elites of Oveer valley of upper Chitral have eulogized the efforts of Chitral Integrated Area Development Project (CIADP) in the development process of the backward valley and said the area was deprived of basic facilities. In a press conference held here on Saturday, Maulana Fazle Ilahi, Fazle Yazdan, Yahya Wali Khan, Nasir Shah and others said the CIADP had launched schemes of basic infrastructure costing 25 million rupees. They said the area faced the scarcity of clean drinking water, irrigation channels and link roads as no government in the past ever paid heed to this valley and the launching of the project funded by the government of Norway. They said one of the main characteristics of the project was that in all the pahses of projects, the local people were taken on-board from prioritizing the scheme to its completion and maintenance as well. The elites also expressed their confidence over the performance of Terichmir Area Development Organization (TADO) in the execution of the projects.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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