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Choosing a right career

By Shafiqur Rehman The choice of a career potentially determines how you will spend the rest of your life. It determines what you will be doing day in and day out, what you will be known as, what your life style will be like, how much you will earn and doing what? Choosing a career is hence the most critical decision of any one’s life. The very first decision comes pretty early in life. Right after class VIII, a student in most schools has to choose between doing O-level or matric and then comes the choice whether to study the sciences, business and commerce or arts subjects. The choice in most cases being largely economic driven. Students prefer towards careers that promise good fortunes in terms of salaries and perk. However, the problems start when two many people run after the same career and the field becomes saturated. The next factor for a career choice is family influence and profession. Science and business depends upon which family they belong. Schools need to play a better role to provide proper counselling in which they try to discover each student’s motivation, potential, likes and dislikes. Any science student can study for an MBA degree even after obtaining his or her bachelor’s degree in science. However, you can not study science at the Secondary level and hope to become an engineer in University. Anyone without this basic knowledge of science cannot expect to enter the field later. Moreover, science education especially in A-levels helps increase people’s understanding of life and things around them and such knowledge is always good to have. The next point at which choices have to be made comes when a student is about to leave college and enter university. If one can not bear to see blood gave them one should not be forced to become a doctor. Your inner likes and dislikes and what you are motivated by. Think over and discover what brings you pleasure in studying or working and what drives you made. Educational institutions can play a very useful role in making this crucial stage easier for their students by arranging field visits or internships which allow students to experience in practical work situations, what a job in a particular industry or sector is like. Choosing a right career Shafiqur Rehman is Lecturer in Chemistry at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh, Chitral.]]>

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