Chitral's shortest youth shy of going to school

CHITRAL, May 19: A 15-year-old boy from Warijun village of upper Chitral weighs only seven kilogrammes with an abysmally short stature of 27 inches and is hesitant to be enrolled in a school. Zar Afas, the father of Ihteshamul Haq, known to be the shortest boy of Chitral, told this correspondent here on Saturday that his son was quite normal and healthy in mental health as he can speak like the normal children. He was brought to the DHQ hospital for the treatment of a tooth ache. He said his body growth stopped all of sudden when he was one-and-a-half-year old and no medical treatment proved to be fruitful and he was told that the disease he was suffering from was incurable in the country. He said that the boy spent most of his time in playing cricket with his brothers and relatives and knows a large deal of information about the game and gets emotional when the national team faces India. Mr Afas said out of his all children (two sons and two daughters), he loved Ihtesham most of all for his nice behaviour. He said his village was a remote one and had no school for the handicapped children while his son was reluctant to attend the school of normal children as he dreaded of being fretted and ridiculed there. Children specialist Dr Gulzar Ahmed said the boy was suffering from achtro plasia in which the body growth of a child come to a halt due to some internal cell disorders. He said that this was a rare case in Chitral and as per his information the boy was of shortest stature among the teenage children.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. This news is really interesting that the said child is deemed to be the shortest child of Chitral. It is also worth noting for the doctors of Chitral particularly and others generally to take the disease of achtro plasia a new case for study.

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