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Release of student's alleged killer resented

[/caption] KARACHI, April 29: The Chitral Student Welfare Association (CSWA), Karachi chapter, has strongly condemned the release of an accused in the murder case of a Chitrali student in Peshawar and called upon the government to order reinvestigation of the case. In a statement, president of the CSWA Karachi, Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim said: “On behalf of my cabinet and members of CSWA, Karachi, I condemn the dreadful act of release of the alleged murderer of Chitrali student Zahid Hussain, and request the high authorities for bringing the culprits to justice. We the students association demand exemplary punishment to such culprits to protect the life and property of other students all over Pakistan.” He expressed solidarity with the students in Peshawar and said speedy justice should be provided to the family to the deceased students otherwise the students will hold countrywide protest. He said people of Chitral were peace loving and sent their sons and daughters to other parts of the country for acquiring education. If such killing of students continued and the culprits remained at large, it would not only create a sense of insecurity among the students but would also put devastating effect on the education-loving people of the valley.]]>

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