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Farmers in Chitral seek loans

CHITRAL, April 29: The farmers here have demanded of the government to order the banks, including Zarai Tarqiati Bank (ZTBL), to provide them loans so that they can be able to purchase fertilizers and pesticides for their wheat crops on time. In a press release issued here on Saturday by President of Kissans Association Chitral, Syedul Azam, it was apprehended that in the absence of proper loans, the wheat crops would  be affected badly. It said the extended winter season in Chitral had impaired the wheat crop in some parts of upper Chitral where the farmers had to cultivate it in the month of March which has proved to be an additional burden on them. It was added that the farmers have to purchase fertilizers and pesticides for the wheat crop but the banks are denying them the facility without any cogent reason.–Zahiruddin]]>

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