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Protesters demand arrest of student's kilelr

PESHAWAR, April 27: The Chitral Students Welfare Organization (CSWO) appealed to Chief Justice Peshawar High Court and Chief Minister to issue arrest orders of the killers of Zahid Hussain. Dozens of students belonging to Chitral held a protest demonstration at Sher Shah Suri Road against the murder of a student Zahid Hussain and demanded arrest of the accused at the earliest. They were led by Rizwanuz Zaman. Talking to reporters, Zaman said Mishal Khan, who was arrested in Zahid Hussain murder case, was released on bail, which he condemned and appealed to Inspector General of Police (IGP) and high ups to reinvestigate the case. He added that before this case, Ihsanuddin, who also belonged to Chitral, was killed by unknown persons in University of Peshawar. He said the accused in the case should properly be investigated otherwise the lives of the students from Chitral will be at more risk.  ]]>

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  1. Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim says

    We Chitralis are a symbol of peace. We can’t even think of killing anyone rather always work to save lives. We can give blood for the sake of justice. The injustices happening to Chitralis all over Pakistan are really condemnable and considering the Chitralis as a minority will not be acceptable in any case.
    The brutal killing of Chitrali student Zahid Hussain in Peshawar and the release of his alleged killer on bail is really a shocking news for all Chitralis. Being the President of CSWA, Karachi, and on behalf of my cabinet and members I condemn the release of the suspecetd killer. We all Chitrali students are united and will start countrywide protest if the culprit is not given exemplary punishment.
    President CSWA, Karachi,
    Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim,
    University of Karachi.

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