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Over 70 teams participating in Qaqlasht Festival

BOONI: Over 70 teams participating in Qaqlasht Festival this year, organizers told ChitralToday.

The second day football matches of Kushum versus Booni was won by the former; Booni versus Booni Green and Degree College Booni V/S Mulkhow Green; Mulkhow later teams won the match, Mastuj V/S Terich; former Team got victorious and Reshun V/S Charun; Reshun Team won the match.

In cricket matches, Kuragh beat Booni White, Charun won playing against Booni Green, Young Star got victory against Mastuj, Shakil Reshun defeated Shujat Booni, Torkhow defeated Mulkhow Green, Mulkhow blue to Moxhgol, MCC Kosht to Morder, and Torkhow White defeated Cricket team of Medical Star.

Volleyball matches were played between Kuragh and Torkhow, Golden Star Booni and Awi, in which Kuragh and Golden Star came out victorious. Matches of polo were played between Kosht (B) and Reshun (B) and Booni (B) V/S Booni and both former teams won the matches.–Alhaj Muhammad Khan

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