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Chitral lacked representation at Lok Festival

ISLAMABAD, April 13: The 10-day Lok Festival nearing its conclusion in Islamabad but this year there was no proper representation of Chitral. Artists from different parts of the country who took part in the event would be handed over certificates and cash awards at the concluding ceremony. Five women from the Kalash valley have been invited to the event who set up two stalls and sold their traditional crafts. Aaprt from them, there is no significant participation by any cultural group from Chitral. On the other hand, a pavilion had been allocated for Gilgit-Baltistan where stalls were set up and artists performed traditional music enthralling the visitors round the clock. A large number of Chitralis living in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad while visiting the venue criticized the Sarhad Tourism Development Corporation and the Lok Virsa for not giving proper representation to Chitral in the event.]]>

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