Border police beat subdivision in spring's first polo match

The enthusiasts of the game reached the polo ground in customary procession starting from the town hall followed by the polo players riding their horses. Chitral DCO Rahmatullah Wazir was chief guest on the occasion, who rode his horse into the centre of the ground and inaugurated the season of polo by throwing the ball. Addressing on the occasion, he said that polo was one of the most important components of Chitrali culture and it plays a vital role in the promotion of tourism in the area as most of the foreign tourists opted to visit Chitral to watch the thrilling events of polo match. He said that that the cut-throat competition of polo at Shandur, the highest polo ground of the world attracts hundreds of foreign tourists as well and the Shandur Polo Festival has been included in the calendar of events for promotion of tourism. Mr. Wazir said that the game of polo is being patronized by different forces including Chitral Scouts, Chitral Border Police and Chitral police who employed the local players to represent their respective polo teams. He said that the Chitral border police have included a rider squad in its strength for which horses of finest breed have been provided. In the match played on this occasion, the team of Chitral border police beat the Chitral subdivision by one goal.]]>

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