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Enrolment campaign launched

In a function held in Government Centennial Model School, the executive district officer (education) Siraj Mohammad said the enrolment rate in Chitral was already very high but we must strive to achieve the ambitious target of 100 per cent enrolment. The function was attended  by principals, headmasters and headmistress of public sector schools who later took out an awareness walk which ended at Atalique Chowk. Addressing the gathering, the EDO said he would not tolerate any laxity on part of teachers and would take any extreme disciplinary steps against the erring teachers. He claimed that he had weeded out financial bungling in the education department during the last one year after  assuming the charge of the office and had ensured the presence of teachers in classrooms besides discouraging truancy. “In my presence not a clerk can even think of squandering a single penny of the government”, he reiterated thrice and added that the days of teachers drawing salaries while sitting in America and United Arab Emirates were numbered.–Zahiruddin]]>

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