How much assets Chitrali lawmakers own?

Salim Khan According to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the total value of assets showed by Saleem Khan, provincial minister for population welfare, is Rs15.01 million. The asset details of the minister released by the ECP revealed that he has a residential house at Kandojal, Lotkoh worth Rs2500,000 and under construction house in Chitral valuing Rs20,00000. Besides, he has a plot valuing Rs4000,000 in Islamabad. Saleem Khan, like his other fellow parliamentarians, has inherited agricultural land worth Rs5500,000 in Chitral. He also mentioned in the business column that he owns a general store namely ‘Garamchashma general store’ which presently is worth Rs800,000. He has been running the store before entering politics. The vehicle column of the asset declaration form, in which the MPs are advised to mention the vehicles they own, the minister like majority of the lawmakers, has declared that he had no vehicle. Mr Khan has a current account at Habib Bank Limited, Chitral branch, where he has only Rs51,000. He has Rs175,000 bank deposit at HBL Peshawar and a saving account at The Bank Khyber (BoK), Chitral branch, with only Rs100,000. The minister has mentioned that he has furniture and fixtures worth Rs200,000. Another member of the provincial assembly from Chitral Ghulam Mohammad has immoveable residential property worth Rs41,100,000, commercial property at present market value of Rs38,800,000 while recent worth of his agriculture land is Rs1,20,00000. Ghulam Muhammad He has petrol pumps valuing Rs50,000,000 and the income from the capital is Rs20,000,000. The MPA has vehicles worth Rs13,800,000. He has also cash in hand amounting to Rs1,500,000. The value of his furniture is 1100,000. In the liabilities column, he has obtained unsecured loans of Rs21200,000 and loan by mortgaging land with Bank of Khyber, Chitral branch Rs2500,0000. In the detail of his bank accounts, according to the annexure submitted to the ECP, Ghulam Muhammad has three accounts in Bank Al-Falah Chitral. In his saving account, he has only Rs29667, current account Rs46824 and another current account with only Rs4544. He has a current account in the Bank of Khyber Chitral, in which he has only Rs55141. He has three accounts in UBL Chitral – saving account Rs28409, current account in the same bank Rs1139663 and another saving account with only Rs5708. The MPA also has a current account in Allied Bank Chitral, where he has shown Rs214313 while in another current account at the same bank, he has deposit of Rs199 – total amount of nine accounts in the four different banks in Chitral is Rs1524468.  ]]>

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  1. Good to see Mr Saleem for at least acquiring wealth amounting to Rs15.01 million, not bad? This is just a peanut as he has much more because he has acquired a huge chunk of plot in Islamabad and busy in turning it into a proper housing society.
    We would appreciate if he could tell us something about the housing society? No problem, if you do not want to share the details with us as it is quite difficult for because you are reportedly running the society in the name of someone else. Anyway, the truth will come out!
    As long as Ghulam Mohammad is concerned, his wealth as shown by the ECP is also a peanut, How can we believe that he has not got any account in other cities or even in Booni, which is his hometown, and Rs199 deposit at a bank in Chitral reflects that his asset decalartion is a white lie.

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