Cultural invasion and the fate of our youth

Cultural invasion and the fate of our youth

The above three anecdotes and many other such events are enough to prove that how Indian cultural invasion have perverted and distorted the very innocent minds of our younger generation.

It is a matter of very common observation in our society that the name Allah has been replaced by the word Bhagwan, Salam has been replaced by Namaste and many of our lingual terminologies are representing the Hindu religion.

Even our Khowar poetry has become the true copy of the Indian musical language. Such words are used in the poetic lines which neither have been a part of our language.

We always curse Hindus and their beliefs on many occasions. Whenever there is a protest against India we very proudly denounce the invasion of India on Kashmir. Every individual even the people at the helm of affairs categorically corroborate the Indian involvement in the bomb blast or any other criminal activity inside the country.

Sometimes, the Indian hand has been used as an easiest scapegoat just to satisfy the nation instead of carrying out investigation on the matter. But on practical ground there is nothing to be seen to actually stop the Indian insurgencies. To me the bomb blast and criminal acts by them are not so effective.

That is why India has been using another weapon, i.e. electronic media to occupy the ideological grounds in Pakistan.

Indian media has been so strong that it has totally tarnished the image of our country not only in the eyes of the aliens but also in the eyes of our own generation. There are hundreds of TV channels who are propagating the Hindu thought among the Muslim community especially in Pakistan. On the contrary Pakistani media have failed to do so.

Our younger generation especially the women of all ages have become so accustomed to these channels that they rarely miss a drama serial. In these programs such issues are highlighted which intentionally preach the Hindu culture and religion. The Indian media boom and the people are very intelligent and they realize the fact that their potential audiences are from the neighboring countries and they can easily be corrupted.

An average age Pakistani boys hardly knows a film or drama star who is Pakistani but he or she can enlist thousands of such people from Bollywood.
Vulgarity is another hidden agenda which is visible in the Indian media channel. The objective is nothing except corrupting the minds of youth and creating distances between them and their own rich traditions. Dance parties and vulgar music has been part and parcel of the Hindu mat.

Gone are the days when movies and TV dramas used to reflect and highlight the real life situations. But in the recent decades it is evident that our real life situations are shaped by these dramas and movies. Any one can see our youth adopting the dress and speaking style just by copying the Indian drama and movies stars. Moreover, our youths are happened to be seen while actually adopting the virtual scenes in the daily life situation.

In the recent years elopement of girls has been a common phenomenon. Similarly violent acts and suicidal cases among the Chitrali youth especially youth under teens has reached to an alarming situation. The cell phones have added a new dimension to the love stories among the boys and girls.

What is the solution after all?

Talking against this entire media boom, I am not against any electronic media. It is a hard fact that keeping one away from media means killing one self. TV has become a powerful source of information besides Internet, radio set and print media. In this age of media boom we cannot keep our children away from the TV set. Besides Indian vulgar channels electronic media also offers a variety of other channels such as National geographic, animal planet, Discovery, Aljazeera, CNN, BBC world service and many more. These channels are the source of precious information on the earth and the universe.
Motivate our children from the very early age to watch these channels. Deleting the Indian channel from our home used digital receiver is in our own hand. We cannot blame the government for this. The controlling authority is you and no one else.

PEMRA, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority has been proved very smart in banning the sports channel and any other channel in the country who dare to speak against injustice, poverty, illiteracy and any other social issue.  Then why it is not felt by PEMRA and the people affiliated with media regulating authorities that vulgarity is propagated in the country. The only solution is that PEMRA ban all Indian channels and restrict the airing of other such channels.

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